Land of memories and traditions

The sea at the table, the new architecture, the pilgrimages, the monuments, the historical recreations.

Matosinhos tourism is unavoidably gastronomy, contemporary architecture, the immense coastline. There are many other enchantments.

Of gastronomy, one could say that it is the anchor. The fish, the seafood, the meat recipes from Matosinhos inland, the tone and aroma of the eternal arraial are disarming. The North makes Matosinhos the place for all celebrations. They come for lunch, dinner, and come back for a concert, a conference, to practice a sport, they discover the other enchantments.

Of contemporary architecture, one must inevitably speak of Álvaro Siza whose ties to Matosinhos are very strong. First of all, at the level of emotions: Álvaro Siza was born in Matosinhos, his first memories necessarily have the outline, the aroma, the sounds of his city. Matosinhos was truly inspiring. Matosinhos jealously guards the works of Siza, those of his youth, icons of world architecture, national monuments: the Casa de Chá da Boa Nova, the Piscina das Marés, built between the rocks, if they were not - their Author would say at the time - break the view of the sea line. It is tourism up close and that crosses the sea to see the works of Mestre, but also those of Fernando Távora, Alcino Soutinho, Souto Moura.

Come on foot, from the south, by the sea, enter the bare coastal Souto Moura, look at the legendary Praia de Matosinhos, teeming with magic and symbols - genesis of the many pilgrimages and popular festivals. Wherever you come, fall in love with Matosinhos.

In this part, you can view some information about Matosinhos tourism, namely information about leisure activities, festivals, fairs and pilgrimages, itineraries about cultural and historical aspects of the county, as well as information about accommodation and restaurants.


Matosinhos is one of the largest cities in the district of Porto, located in the north of Portugal, in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, on the right side of the Douro River.

Located next to the city of Porto, it has a large area bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. Matosinhos is a city with great industrial development, which seeks to maintain its popular traditions at the same time.

Enjoy 100% your visit to Matosinhos

Latitude: 41º 10´ 59.1" N

Longitude: 8º 40´ 59.4" W